Increasing employee qualifications is a key strategic objective of the company. Therefore, we believe that investing in staff always results in higher customer acquisition as well as more satisfying salaries. Moreover, the HR system implemented in our company is in accordance with the most current management solutions.

In our company we put emphasis on:

- an efficient recruitment process and an effective induction programme during the trial period;

- creating and realizing  individual development plans for staff;

- a unique evaluation and promotion system;

- an attractive payment system.


If you seek teamwork opportunities, want to pursue your passions or share your successes with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A standard recruitment and induction process in our company is divided into five stages, irrespective of the position.

Candidates for management positions may be asked to prepare projects in line with the application.


Stage I

Evaluation of the documentation submitted to HR Department: CV, a letter of application as well as any other documents contributing to the candidate's presentation. We inform that HR Department does not return the submitted materials.


Stage II

First interview.

The interview is conducted by an HR specialist.


- verification of the candidate's competences;

- presentation of the employer and employee's expectation;

- confirming the readiness of the candidate and the employer to begin cooperation.


Stage III

Second interview.

An interview with the participation of an HR specialist and a Department Manager.


- presentation of the employee's duties, rights and  responsibilities;

- presentation of the company's standards and values;

- confirmation of the candidate's suitability;

- the candidate may be asked to take tests.


Stage IV

Third interview, discussing employment-related issues.

An interview with the participation of an HR specialist.


- presentation and discussing the employee's development plan;

- presentation of the induction programme, tasks, mentors as well as the criteria for the trial period evaluation;

- preparation of the candidate to start work in the trial period - discussing formal issues;

- a meeting with the Managing Director.


Stage V

Trial period - usually three months.

- acquiring competences required for the position, receiving necessary trainings;

- realizing functional tasks as well as team tasks;

- evaluation of the trial period.


Further cooperation requires the employee to receive one of the following grades during the trial period evaluation:

- Good:

This grade is given to employees who carry out their tasks independently and understand the idea and objectives of the conducted activities. Such an employee ought to have a thorough understanding of the quality standards adopted by the company, and the supervisor's role in the professional development of an employee who received 'Good' grade should be limited to supporting them.

- Very good:

This grade is given to employees who  understand the causality of the carried out activities in the context of the process of order realization. Such an employee should have suggested minimum one innovative solution, which has been or will be implemented in the company.

The role of the supervisor of a 'Very good' employee should consist mainly in inspiring them.


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