Since we are more and more frequently realizing projects for Customers who value a more comprehensive approach to tasks, our printing platform also offers services provided by a professional graphic design office, which specializes in and editing and revising materials from the editorial office. The staff includes computer graphics with vast experience and a number of artistic achievements as well as an editorial team, a group of linguistic purists, philologists, for whom working with texts is not just a craft but most of all - true art.


Our editors also specialize in academic publications: scientific articles as well as non-serial publications (doctoral theses, habilitation theses or scientific monographs).


The orders realized by the printing company "Greg" are either created by our team or closely follow the Customer's concept. Very often the final concept is the effect of bilateral decisions and the cooperation of our specialists with the Customer.


We have developed our own method of work which includes six  stages:

- acquiring design guidelines from the Customer;

- creating the concept;

- approving the concept;

- creating the project;

- approving the project.


The services provided by the graphic design office - including text editing and/or revising - are paid extra (they are not included in the standard cost estimation).


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