Many times since our printing company opened, we have been granted the honour of printing prestigious publications for highly-regarded personages of the world of great culture, renowned both in Poland and abroad. We have had the pleasure to print the works of such great authors as:


Professor Władysław Bartoszewski

- a talented writer, an invaluable historian,

a columnist, an author and a social activist.

A Polish politician, a diplomat acting among others as

the Ambassador and Minister of the Republic of Poland.





Julia Hartwig

- a distinguished Polish poet and an essayist;

a brilliant translator of belles-lettres.





Jerzy Kukuczka

- a Polish Himalayan mountaineer, the second man
in the world to complete the Crown of the Himalaya.






Jan Kiepura

- an opera singer of worldwide renown,

one of the most popular tenors of the XX century.





Moreover, we have contributed to the publication of the works of Polish artists, scientists and economists. Our offset press has been used to produce the publications (books and albums) of numerous distinguished writers, painters and photographers, such as:


- Tomasz Sętowski - a Polish painter, a representative of the artistic current called 'Magic Realism'.

- Karol Bąk - a Polish painter, graphics artist – who walks arm in arm with beauty along the mysterious paths of delight.

- Tomasz Pietrzyk - a Polish painter and an artist.

- Robert Garstka - an organizer of cultural activities, a photographer and a documentarian.

- Daniel Jakubczyk - a lawyer, a devoted researcher of Upper Silesia.

- Wojciech Urlich - a Polish artist, a photographer who lives in the United Stated of America.


We have also realized projects for renowned institutions and companies such as:

– Aflopa,

– B&J advertising company in Wroclaw,

– Auto-Fiat Poland,

– Cezal,

– Carbo,

– Cormay,

– "Ostoja" Nursing Home in Sośnicowice,

– Farmakol,

– Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice,

– National Electoral Office in Warsaw as well as its branches in Katowice, Bielsko-Biała and Częstochowa,

– Opel Polska,

– Parker Polska,

– The Silesian Museum in Katowice,

– Museum in Sosnowiec,

– Museum in Gliwice,

– Museum in Bielsko- Biała,

– Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice,

– Lodz University of Technology (Bielsko-Biała branch),

– Pudliszki,

– Roca Gliwice,

– Shell Polska,

– Silfarm,

– University of Silesia in Katowice,

– The Higher Pedagogical College in Opole,

– "Petit-M" publishing house in Warsaw,

– Viessmann Polska,

– The Castle in Pszczyna.

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