Manroland Sheetfed - the synonym of quality, precision and highest reliability


Manroland Sheetfed is a leading manufactrer of offset presses used in printing for commercial, packaging as well as publishing purposes. The company was set up 168 years ago. It embodies the famous German perfection in building machines. The company's name became a synonym of quality, precision and the highest reliability in complex offset print solutions.  The company is owned by a British multi-trade concern Langley Holdings plc, which produces industrial machines on a global scale. Its products are the foundation of numerous industrial and commercial processes in the whole world.



                                            Agfa Graphics – tradition and modernity


Agfa Graphics has been providing solutions for image registration and copying for almost 150 years. It is the leader of the prepress technology and has the biggest range of consumables such as films, offset plates, chemicals as well as devices and software designed to manage and automate the printing production process. Agfa Graphics offers complete systems for CTP, large format printing and digital printing used by a great number of companies around the world. Agfa Graphics possesses their own labs where they create innovative technologies and develop products that meet even the highest demands of the customers.



                             Advertising agencies


Advertising agencies comprise a very unique group of our business partners. It is their professionalism that makes them so important for us - they inspire us to excel ourselves in order to achieve perfection. They are professionals who define clear goals. We cooperate with agencies within the European Union.




                             Target customers


They are unique and extremely important partners. To meet their needs, we have created a special form of cooperation based on consulting and perfect realization of the customer's expectations: starting with project preparation and ending with the delivery of the prints according to the schedule and delivery specification.



                             Financial institutions


A considerable part of our printing services is dedicated to a special group of our partners, i.e. Polish financial institutions. We appreciate their international experience which for us is a source of benchmarking activities.


                             Special customers


It is a group of customers who require us to meet special standards, i.e. to keep the projects "classified" or "confidential". For that purpose, we have implemented appropriate procedures and purchased specialist equipment. We are proud to inform that we have never failed to meet the standards of realization of such projects.



                             Our suppliers and business partners


Since the success of an individual is to a great extent the effect of bilateral solutions created together with their partners, we try to choose our partners according to the following motto: "We create added value together, jointly solve problems and share the successes". It is our objective to include added value into our services. We believe that without our partners and suppliers’ help, this goal will remain an idèe fixe.


                                        Willa Tatiana


A complex of three luxurious highlander villas in Zakopane offering a distinct interior design of the apartments, luxurious furnishings, a secure car park, a spa facility as well as sports equipment for children. Online booking available.

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